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Ordinary Shares
Preference Shares
Ticker Symbol
B4B B4B3
WKN (Security Identification Number)
BFB001 BFB002
ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) DE000BFB0019 DE000BFB0027
Number of shares 360,121,736 2,975,517
Trading Segment Prime Standard Prime Standard
Exchange Frankfurt Frankfurt

Half-yearly financial report H1/Q2 2023/24
Half-yearly financial report H1/Q2 2023/24
METRO - Fact Sheet
METRO - Fact Sheet

Shareholder structure¹

Shareholder Structure of METRO AG
Percent Name
EPGC 49.99% EP Global Commerce
MS/B2 24.99% Meridian Stiftung /Beisheim
ff 25.02% free float


1 Based on information provided in the context of the Annual General Meeting 2024.
2 Vote on the exercise of voting rights under the pooling agreement.

Consensus estimates


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In particular, various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of METRO and the consensus shown here. These factors include those discussed in METRO’s public reports which are available on the METRO website.

METRO Consensus FY 2023/24

Consensus estimates for FY 2023/24
Consensus estimates for FY 2023/24

Please note that all numbers are 'as reported'

FY 2023/24

absolute (€m)
Status as of 25/04/2024, N = 8
2022/23 ACT
2023/24 E (Median)
2023/24 E
Sales 30,551 31,055 1.6%
Sales growth 2.7% 1.6%
Adjusted EBITDA1
1,129 -45

Transformation costs

-153 -3 150

Real estate gains

208 28 -180
EBITDA 1,534
1,160 -374
D&A 936 900 -36
EBIT 598 259 -339
Net financial results 11 -156 -167
EBT 609
104 -505
Income taxes -170
-40 130
Net profit for the period 439
64 -375

attributable to non-controlling interests

- - -

attributable to shareholders of METRO AG

64 -375
EPS attributable to shareholders of METRO AG (€) 1.21 0.18 -1.03

Number of shares outstanding (million): 363.1

1 EBITDA excluding transformation costs and earnings contributions from real estate transactions

Key financials FY 2020/21 - Q2 2023/24
Key financials FY 2020/21 - Q2 2023/24